SEPREMIUM 750 Oil/water separator

The SEPREMIUM 750 oil/water separator uses three stages of treatment to separate the condensate from compressed air systems up to 750 CFM compressor capacity.

With two specially treated polypropylene elements and a carbon polisher, you can count on reliable and cost effective condensate separation performance, regardless of the type of lubricant or drains you use.

The SEPREMIUM 750 is loaded with useful features, like a visual element life indicator that lets you know when your elements need to be replaced, clever service drains and an overflow indicator to avoid messy spills.

Take the guesswork out of condensate treatment and upgrade to the SEPREMIUM.



Element life indicator, offer you a visual life status of the elements.


Elements with powerful separating power, offering you reliable separation of oil and water solutions.


Service valves, offering you draining of the individual towers for routine servicing and cleaning.

  • Maximum compressor capacity 750 CFM.
  • Lightweight large oil adsorbing elements - no settling chamber or storage tank required.
  • Lighter and easier replacement of elements.
  • Multiple condensate inlets.
  • Sample bottle and test drain for output testing/measuring the ppm value (indication).
  • Operates with all JORC type drains (both timer controlled and level sensing).
  • Customer specific finishing options available.
  • Small foot print.
  • Sectional draining options during service intervals.


Max. compressor capacity 750 CFM
Max. oil adsorption in the elements 4.0 gallon
High performance white element 2
Activated carbon element 1
Inlet connection 1/2″ (2 off)
Outlet connection 1″
TEST valve Yes
Housing material PE
Housing colour Black
Lid colour Grey
Alarm indicator Yes
Element life indicator Yes
Service drain for sectional draining Yes (2 off)
TEST kit included Yes
Target oil residue output value <10 ppm="" td="">
Inlet and outlet hose pipe connectors Included
Mineral lubricants Yes
Synthetic lubricants Yes
Stabile condensate emulsions Special elements required
Polyglycol Special elements required
California Proposition 65 See manual

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